Incorporating Innovation Concept

According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, 15,890 utility patents were issued to individual inventors in 2011.  However, many patented inventions are not commercialized.  Many individual inventors only attempt to license or sell their patents to companies.  After these efforts are unsuccessful, individual inventors often abandon their dreams because they do not see any other options.  

The reality is that only a small percentage of individual inventors are successful at licensing or selling their inventions to companies.  In fact, one well-known invention submission company discloses that only 2% of its customers have successfully entered into license agreements and <1% of its customers actually received more money back than they paid to the invention submission company!  

Given these statistics, individual inventors may have better odds of successfully manufacturing and selling their inventions themselves.  However, an inventor may quickly dismiss this option as unattainable. The founder of Incorporating Innovation LLC strongly believes that "If you can CONCEIVE it, you can ACHIEVE it!"  In the words of Steve Jobs, "Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition."  Inventors are the most passionate about their ideas because they were created from their own minds and heart; therefore, it is only natural that inventors should be in the driver's seat when it comes to nurturing their ideas into thriving businesses - not some invention submission company that deals with thousands of ideas a year.   Furthermore, by being an integral part in the development of their ideas, inventors can use the experience and knowledge they gain to develop future ideas.

Although there is tons of information on the Internet on the various stages of building a business, this information oftentimes does not address how to build a business around a new product and does not focus on intellectual property protection for these new products.  Also, the information on the Internet is unstructured and can leave an inventor even more confused or uncertain.  

Incorporating Innovation LLC was founded by a patent attorney to address all of these issues.   Incorporating Innovation was designed to motivate, educate, and assist individual inventors to build a business around their ideas in a structured learning environment.  Incorporating Innovation LLC motivates, educates, and assists inventors through a series of seminars, educational material, and personalized coaching sessions.  The seminars and personalized coaching sessions are conducted by experts, seasoned professionals, and other successful inventors. 

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